How it works.

Book an Appointment

Book an appointment with our online booking system where you can get a quick overview of my availability. Once you've secured your appointment with pre - payment, you'll be sent a confirmation email and online meeting details (the consultation will be held over zoom, or by telephone, if you'd prefer).

Fill Out a Detailed Online Questionnaire

Before we meet, I'll ask you to fill out a short but thorough interactive health questionnaire (that takes about 15 minutes to complete) and a consent form so that we can delve right in to your health history during our consultation.

Have your Online Consultation

In our 60 - minute online herbal consultation, we will explore your medical history, your current health concerns, goals and expectations. Through a detailed assessment, I'll get a picture of your overall health and wellbeing.

Together, we'll look at an individual and personalised health plan, including nutritional and lifestyle advice, herbal treatment and appropriate supplements to suit you and your lifestyle. I can offer you a unique and fresh perspective, my intuition as well as a practical road map for you to feel the most healthy and vibrant you can.

Receive your treatment

I have seen many clients with persistent health concerns and conditions.

During our consultation, we'll discuss which herbs work best for you, your lifestyle and your budget. We'll discuss whether you'd prefer to take them as tablets, supplements, teas, powders or tinctures. After our session, I will then formulate your herbal medicine and send this out to you so that you can begin your treatment.

Receive a personalised follow - up report

Creating a healthier lifestyle and addressing your health concerns is well within your reach. My philosophy is based on equipping you with the tools and recommendations to make changes and for you to take an active role in your health and healing journey.

Following our first session together, a comprehensive therapeutic report with practical steps will be sent to you as well as any recommended follow - up tests.
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