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Herbalism is the medicine of belonging and of deep healing; we cannot be healthy if our greater earth body is unhealthy.  

The more we examine our relationship with the natural world, the more we discover how connected we all are. My work has taught me that at the core of much of our personal and societal pain is the illusion of separateness and  alienation.  

It is my mission, therefore, to create a place for people to share and commune with one another, to inspire each other to deeply connect to the land and to be in a community where they can come home to their own wild selves. 

I am a qualified medical herbalist and naturopath, with five years of clinical experience. I have worked with a host of people, men and women, old and young, with an eclectic array of conditions and challenges. Having trained in Western and Eclectic herbal medicine, my special interest is in auto - immune conditions, endocrine dysfunction and infertility. 

Whilst I work with naturopathic and herbal medicine, treating the body on a physiological level, a large part of my practice is working with the emotional, spiritual and mental body,  cultivating healing of the whole rather than a fragmented, mechanistic approach, demoting the mind and emotions to a different part of our healing.

I want to share with you my herbal knowledge in a way that is both accessible, exciting,  uncomplicated, and demystifying. Herbalism is more than simply plant knowledge. 

In our quest for scientific and digital evolution, we have overlooked and discarded much of our indigenous knowledge, ancient healing practices and plant wisdom in favour of the latest 'wonder drug'. 

Yet, no amount of manipulating and replicating of life forms can provide the deep insight and unquestionable intelligence that self - orchestrated nature offers us. 

As a company, I want to celebrate and pay homage to plant medicine in its unaltered form and to those healing practices that have been neglected and marginalised. My work explores old healing practices within the framework of our modern lifestyles in a way that feels relevant and sustainable.

Wildness inspires me in my work; both the wildness in nature and in our own inner landscape. As our culture becomes increasingly sanitised and automated, many of us have subjugated or forgotten our own inner wildness and instinctual capacity. 

In my practice, I work with many people who have exiled or numbed their gifts for creativity, dreaming and wild expression. Our need for connection to the wild is acknowledged in my foraging courses, workshops and 1 - 1 practice. 

Empowerment is a word that I use a great deal but it truly is at the foundation of my work and vision. In my twenties, I experienced a number of health complications and several personal crises that forced me to reassess my place in the world, the way in which I lived and led me to reconnect my inner and outer world. 

It was through my own journey of  disempowerment, of deferring to medical authorities rather my own, of diminishing my own part in my healing journey that I realised that my life's work is to encourage others to flourish and to thrive in a different kind of paradigm - where my clients' choices, expectations, needs and feelings are fully respected and heard.

Plants are a source of mystery, inspiration, wonder, miracle and essential education. 

It is my quest to encourage people to engage wholeheartedly with the natural world. To not only notice the plants around us but to treat them with reverence.

“The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong. To be alienated from this community is to become destitute in all that makes us human. To damage this community is to diminish our own existence.” 

(Thomas Berry)

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