how it works.

what i specialise in.

1. digestive issues

Gut bacteria are truly miraculous; they influence your perception of the world, your emotional state, your hunger and even your metabolism. Excellent gut health and your ability to detoxify is most important, impacting even our skin and hormones. I focus on gut as an important aspect of our consultations. 

2. healthy ageing

Whilst ageing is a fact of life, we can decelerate the process and drastically improve our quality of life, vibrancy, energy and zest for life through healthy lifestyle adjustments. I work with you to support the way your brain, bones, digestion, heart and immune system function.

3. cancer support

I work closely to support my clients both physiologically and emotionally on their cancer journey. My approach is to offer an integrated, multifaceted programme alongside conventional medicine. I focus on looking at ways to reduce fatigue and other treatment side effects, addressing the client's stress levels, guiding them to healthy nutritional choices and supporting their sleep.

4.  infertility

I work with couples of varying stages of their fertility journey and give them a map to help them to take charge of their reproductive health. I support couples with helping to optimise the genetic environment around their sperm and eggs with targeted nutrition. 

5. autoimmune 

Often clients come to me having been to multiple health practitioners with little to no improvement. My approach is a continually evolving approach to healing, centered on addressing the underlying causes for immune dysregulation,  systemic inflammation and tissue damage - together we will look at digestive and metabolic function, detoxification pathways and adrenal function and the client's quality of life. 

6.  hormone issues

I am passionate about teaching women how to deepen their connection  with the natural rhythms of their body. Beyond treating the physical manifestations of their condition, I help women to reclaim the creative flow of their body, their personal power and their relationship to their wild feminine self.  I have also supported midlife women navigate issues such as peri -menopause and menopause. 

types of consultation.

your investment.

Initial Consultation (50 minutes)

£45 for a 50 - minute session. This includes a personalised follow - up report with a detailed health plan and protocol sent to you  by email. Please note this does not include your herbal medicine supply. 

Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

£75 for a 90 - minute session ( this is most suited to those with a complex health picture and for those who want to deeply explore their health condition and the emotional body). This includes a personalised follow - up report with a detailed health plan and protocol sent to you by email. Please note this does not include your herbal medicine supply. 

Follow - Up Consultation.

£40 for a 40 - minute session. This includes a personalised report with a detailed amendments to your health plan and protocol sent to you by email. Please note this does not include your herbal medicine supply. 

Acute Consultation.

£25 for a 20 - minute session. This includes a short report with a health protocol for your acute condition sent to you by email. Please note this does not include your herbal medicine supply.  

Pre - Conception Package (3 months)

£375. This includes 2 x 90 - minute initial consultations (1 session for each partner),  a detailed follow - up report and protocol for each partner sent by email, 3 months' herbal supply for each partner, 3 x monthly 40  - minute follow - up sessions for each partner and regular email contact). 

Health Kick - Starter Package (3 months)

£225. Whether you have a persistent auto - immune or digestive imbalance, this package will help to facilitate you achieving your optimal health as quickly as possible. This includes 1 x 90 - minute initial consultation,   3 x monthly 40  - minute follow - up sessions and regular email follow - ups, a detailed follow - up report and protocol sent by email, a meal plan for the initial stages of your treatment and 3 months' herbal supply. 

why come to me for a consultation.


"why am i always so exhausted?"

"things don't feel right. i'm not sure why?"

"i don't want to use medication forever."


"I'm ready to feel empowered."

"I've tried everything. now what?"

"i feel constantly wired and stressed." 

"i've got cancer. how can you help?"

"what's the best diet for me?"

"how can i best prepare for pregnancy?"

"i feel bloated and sluggish."

"i'd like to feel my healthiest and most vibrant self."

"i feel anxious, low and depressed."

"i want a clearer understanding of what's going on."

I have a heart - led and intuitive approach to my practice. 

I combine scientific understanding and curiosity with a deep sense of wonder and awe of the plants and their healing power,  and the connection herbal medicine offers to ourselves and our own healing power. 

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